Why Jungle Cruise Producer Is Confident For Disney Movie Sequel

Jungle Cruise producer Beau Flynn is confident in Jungle Cruise 2’s success given the support of actors Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson for the film.

Producer of Jungle Cruise Beau Flynn is confident that Jungle Cruise 2 will be great given the support shown by actors Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The movie is based on Disneyland’s opening attraction The Jungle Cruise and follows a series of the successful ride-to-movie films Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. The film did better than many expected it to, racking in $221 million at the box office following its Disney+ early release. Part of Jungle Cruise’s draw was the popularity of the Disney ride and such big-name actors as Johnson and Blunt starring in it.

Debuting to mixed-to-positive reviews from critics and modest box office and Disney+ numbers, talks of a Jungle Cruise 2 have swirled since the original film’s opening weekend, with Johnson having teased being in talks with Disney for a sequel to the film. Development was confirmed in August 2021, with Johnson and Blunt in talks to reprise their roles for the film, while Jaume Collet-Serra was also expected to be back in the director’s chair for the follow-up. With over a year gone since it was confirmed to be in the works, one of the producers behind Jungle Cruise 2 has opened up about the sequel’s development.

In a Collider interview, producer Beau Flynn appears sure of Jungle Cruise 2’s success. He thinks that Johnson and Blunt had great chemistry in the first movie, which added to the support the first film received and the sure support that a sequel will bring. As audiences only got to scratch the surface of these complex characters, Flynn believes there is more to be discovered. See Flynn’s full statement below:

On ‘Jungle Cruise 2’, obviously, it’s something we really want, I think more important than what Hiram and I want, I think is Dwayne and Emily have created such an incredible bond. Their chemistry is extraordinary in the first movie and I know now they know these characters so intimately. I know that they have big ideas of where they can take that universe and world.

What Jungle Cruise 2’s Story Could Be

Jungle Cruise could follow in the footsteps of Pirates in the Caribbean in developing a massive movie franchise. It’s quite possible when the sequel is released, it will be another solo adventure for Frank and Lily in which they travel down the Amazon to find another ancient treasure. In addition, the story could build upon the world and open up the possibility for more sequels, potentially even creating an overarching story through many movies. As with any other Disney ride-to-film movie, the film would add much more to the story of the ride itself and could even change the ride over time if the popularity continues to grow.

Jungle Cruise was a highly-rated movie by viewers, so it wasn’t surprising that a sequel was already announced given the fanbase surrounding both the movie and ride. Jungle Cruise 2 will not be an overlooked film and will most likely drive a lot of people to the theaters, potentially moreso than its predecessor as it comes years after the original’s pandemic release. As Blunt and Johnson had such great chemistry in Jungle Cruise, their performance in Jungle Cruise 2 should live up to the one they gave in the first movie, which can be streamed on Disney+ now.

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